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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Written Constitution of 2009(Nab style)

GOOOOODLUCK KAMU, FOR END OF YEAR EXAM! :D we all know its gna be tough, so why not sleep through it all? HAHAHAHAHAH MENGAJAR~ nadawah

-sir Alan Lennox Boyd.. hahahahaha wtf history..


hehe im baaaaaaaaaaaaackz. lama sudah eh, i mean.. since i last updated haha and since i last blogged, cos i deleted it duhhhhhhhhhhhh~ hahahaha buduh.

Thanks for the birthday post peex :D rindu tetap rindu jing.. hahaha.

guess what i just typed in "sex" arah new tab hahaha padahal aku kan buat "sexy3A" HAHAHAHAH BUDUHHHHHHHH BUDUH TARUS KELUAR RESULT NYA EHHHHHH HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM(i meant to do that HAHAHA NADAWAH!!) ok i love you ppl hehexxzzxzxz aut and pip HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY SUCKA!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


okay,so guess what. I'm still here, haha. I just want to keep this blog ALIVE!!! MWAHAHA!
oh god,i've read the whole blog from May posts. haha,i find it really funny. I was kind of shocked a little bit,knowing that i was a poklen dulu and my English was just,it was hell! haha. okay.

Okay so guess what,for the past few weeks,I've been talking about my former boyfriend. si Azim Tajudin. HELL TO THE FUCK TO THE NO! haha. surprise I know shocking. I kind of hate it cause everyone kept on talking about him. then once i heard his name,there you go,reminiscing memories tia ku! god,i hate that!

Pipah,omg. She met this dude yesterday. She said he was so cute. haha. but something is wrong with that guy ..... :/ can't tell,it's too public here. haha. and she also met this guy,whom his ass will be in brunei around October. HAHA. WEEHEE! tongue oh and also he met this guy time National Day. namanya si .... S something. lupa ku! HAHAH. Sham,syam,sam haha. antah. couple kali ya ah dengan that dude. HAHA. weet weet!

Nabilah,hahaa. she's still eying/eye-ing on that guy. masih! but yeah good thing is that she's still contacting with that guy. hehe. and nabs,aku rindu si lukman ah. HAHA. MEMAJAL! alright. smug

alright. HAHA. i'll continue lah later,if ada idea. haha. kiss bye. kiss your momma for me thug!

birthday loves!

Nabilah Hayat

It's now 11th of October. Hours till Nabilah's birthday. Can't wait. Happy advance love. feeling beat up
Sorry we haven't update some shitass posts these few days,weeks,months. haha. we've been VERY busy. I think. haha. oh well. Everything's okay now in our lives. I have a boyfriend,Pipah met someone,Basirah and Karmi is still going so strong,Nabilah and his youknowwho is okay now,Elle also met a guy,but im not sure siapa. haha. lots of things happen in our lives. oh and Akmal moved out from Masna. :( i don't know why,but yeah. ia pindah sekolah. boring!! alright then,tomorrow i might post something 'special' to the special birthday girl. HAHA. macam gay. alright,bah terima kasih. bye.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy 16th Birthday Dk.Siti Nurul Basirah a.k.a Seerah.
i love you bas. forever and always. :)
kau lah sahabat ku yang paling terbaik. HAHAA!
may Allah bless you babe.
i loveeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!! <3333

Thursday, May 21, 2009



eya eyaaa. HAHAA. pakan. aku blank. Can't wait June nanti. HAHA. siuk ni siuk!

June 1st,Monday.
3A's Reunion.
Aneka Rasa Restaurant,Kiulap.

Aku inda tau dimana. HAHAH. oh well. happy birthday 3A's class and blog. eyaa. blognya belum be update. only 41 posts saja ah. bah bah. take cares dude. love yaah.

- Pkah Salleh

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pipah Suhaili.

Hello people! ;D pipah's here. sorry for the lackzzz of updates. AHHA. banyak tu banyak. hahaha. apakan. so, apa ah. hmmm. lalalaal. apaan. si pkah ni pajal aku update tadi, di sekolah. cuba, si pkah ah. anuu ya. siapa mau? angkat tangan. HAHA. apaan. lame eh. -.-' the latest post, pkah said she was in the relationship with jim. HAHA. akuu,, dengan Syam. hahaa. apakan. putus sudah wah. janganwah eh. palui kamu ani eh. AHHAA. nadawah. ahhaa. eh, dont u realize aku makin banyak bercakap? hahahaha. afakanzz. dude, im still 14. still wanna enjoooy. ahakz. Bah bah.
Lame and Loser. thats what im talking about!

actually, i wanna show you guys the picture of syam. buut, i lost it. HEHE. i dont know where. arah my blog, nada ah. i think i delete it already. ;D HAHA. sorry pik. :p

-Pipah Suhaili.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Assalamualaikum. :)
Ohmygod. Its been so long,long,long,that I haven't seen your face girl. HAHA. APAKAN! Akon. Sorry for the lack of updatezzZzx. harhar. We've been very busy lately with our so-called-life. HAHA. baie. nadawah. Well,information will be given anytime soon. and I seriously hope 3A's [08] update this blog. please,please for my sake. HAHA. mihirZz. nadawah. just update wah.

Me,Elle and Nani
Pipah and N.Zati
Zattay,Naz,Nazir,Ikmah and Moon.
Nabs,Seerah,Jannah and Erny.
Akmal,Umi,Khal and Nisaa.
Al Nur.

Ada yang ketinggalan. :O nada ku tau~ sorry. So Guess what,for the past few days,weeks and months,I was in a relationship with JimTajudin. -_-" HAHA.APAKAN! Nada,saja. (Y). bah, out ku out. bye.


Sunday, February 1, 2009

its been a long time sudah, kami alum update. so, haii! err. nothing to say! btw, ex-3a students ikut national day! (: And, the practice was (Y) damn siuk. hahaha. hmmm. just to remind this girl, PLEASE CHANGE UR ATTITUDE! KAMI INDA SUKAA! WELL. KAU MAKIN AMBUNG! ANDD, MAKIN OVERRRRRRR! PLEASEEEEEEEEEE CHANGE DANGGG! *sasak* haaa. apakan. andd, nabs, kau sakit hati kan? arah si........... HAHAHA! ya know who im talking about! ;) Okay, thats all. i think. byeeee! loves, pipah. anyway, HAPPY ADVANCED BIRTHDAY NAZURAHH! makin tuaa kau sudah ni!! HAHAA! and, we all missed you, faten shamimi!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Haii kamu.
Happy New Year people. Tomorrow sekulah. yay and nooo. yay as in like "Yay,jumpa my friends lagi". No is like "nooo,different class ni eh"..jangan lupa every break at 10.00,jumpa canteen. okay to bed now. wait baru jua ku bangun.

Pkah Salleh

heyy. pipah in the house!! hahahaa. apakaaaaan. so, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! lambat. i know!! hahaha. esok the school re-open. i cant wait~~~ what class ahhhh? hmm. hope, kami seclass lagiiii this year. anyways, esok tunggu akuu ehh. hahahaaa. bah. nothing to say. GOOD LUCK! =)